Management Policies

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is considered as the most important factor of working. Quality leads to productivity & profit, generates confidence and ensures organizational growth. in the global highly competitive market, quality is the key factor for business development, market share and provide value to the Customer. SS and Comp Private Limited (Formerly known as S S & Company) has laid down quality policies in respect all spheres of Working, Manpower, Safety,Materials,Procurement and services in order to ensure quality of work, employees and products bench making of quality for products & services.

360 Degrees emphasis on Quality is ensured by the following actions:

  1. Job profile for each job shall be prepared highlighting the requirement of qualification, core competency, skill matrix, group working, communication skills, strategic planning abilities, organizational behaviour, costing, quality consciousness, problem solving abilities. Commitment to words safety, Environment and Health, Social responsibilities, development of people values cultural affiliation etc.
  2. Attrition analysis, exit-interview, transparency in interaction follow analysis.
  3. Strict adherence of only using of client approved Safety PPE and strict compliance on its usage.
  4. Quality assurance of raw materials as per international standard.
  5. Quality assurance of spares as per international standards.
  6. Quality assurance of production.
  7. Six sigma concept, Kaizen concept, 5-S concept-implementation.
  8. Quality in services.
  9. Quality in operation: procedural improvements, innovation.
  10. Work sampling, statistical quality control, rejection analysis, and proactive measures to ensure zero defect/ rejection during manufacturing/providing services.
  11. Quality review daily by Heads of departments.
  12. Quality review monthly by Unit Head.
  13. Quality review quarterly by Directors & Chairman.
  14. Customer’s oriented services: customer satisfaction, analysis of complaint by customers regarding timely delivery, quality of goods or services.

Quality Objective

  1. To compete in the Global market with quality product/service.
  2. To set quality standards for every operation/product/services. Bench making of quality requirements.
  3. To have quality manpower.
  4. To purchase quality materials, machineries, tools, tackles, spares as per international standards.
  5. To create quality consciousness amongst all levels of personnel involved in production & services.
  6. Quality audit for products & services.
  7. Quality in all stages of work performance.
  8. Quality in knowledge
  9. Quality in skill.
  10. Quality in proficiency
  11. Quality in methodology of work performance, measurements & evaluation.