Manpower reduction through Mechanization

  1. Truck mounted Vacuum Truck with extended hose connection for collection of spillage though remote areas.
  2. Truck mounted sludge vacuum sucking machine for cleaning of drains, desludging of tanks, ponds & collecting areas.
  3. Use of cranes for unloading of heavy materials, loading of heavy materials,shifting of heavy materials.
  4. Wheel mounted loaders for feeding of raw materials.
  5. Mini Skid Bobcat loaders for collection of sludge from remote areas.
  6. Mechanized Road Sweeping with Truck mounted vacuum sweepers.
  7. Handling of finished products with Forklifts.
  8. Stuffing & destuffing of containers with low mast Forklift.
  9. High pressure Jet Pumps for cleaning of Pipelines, scale removal.
  10. Loaders for waste products handling, shifting in Dumpers
  11. JCB for removal of materials from dumpers, from drains with scraper attachment & small specially made small bucket.
  12. Unloading of coke from Trucks with the help of Bobcat Mini-Skid Loader.