Operation & Maintenance

Plant Operations

Since 2004, SS and Comp Private Limited (Formerly known as S S & Company) has been associating with  Hindustan Zinc Ltd. ( Vedanta Group) in Plant Operation of Zinc Plant, Lead Plant, at Chanderiya Lead Zinc Smelter , Dariba Smelter Complex and Haridwar Zinc Smelter unit as part of contract for Materials Handling, Operation & Maintenance and Mechanised Industrial House Keeping, notable areas mentioned hereunder:

  1. Roaster Plant including Raw Materials Handling,Sulphuric Acid Plant, Electrostatic Precipitators, D.M. Plant, Waste Heat Boilers, ETP, Adiabatic/Atmospheric Cooling Towers, Packed Towers, Heat Exchangers and Converters.

    Raw Material Handling and Calcine Handling Management through hoppers , Hammer Mill, Double Deck Screen & Belt Conveyors, Slinger machine, Drag Chain Conveyors, Elevators, Pneumatic Conveyors (Denseveyors) ,Heavy Duty Ball Mills, Drum Type Coolers and Bag Filter House , High Speed Fans ,Blowers and Compressors, Packed Gas Cooling Towers, refilling of packing materials, demister cleaning, screening of grinding media, calcine bagging, resin top up , Catalyst Screening and Handling with Vacuum System and Roaster Furnace cleaning & Waste Heat Boiler water and steam management.
  2. Leaching & Purification

Jarofix ( Iron and Silica bearing Waste) handling, sludge handling, desludging, Automatic Filter Press operation, filter press elements & clothes cleaning/ changing, cake handling, lime & manganese handling, sodium & chemicals handling, thickener cleaning , Neutral Leaching & Purification plant Tanks & Reactors & Pipe-Cleaning. Maintenance of Steel Cord Belt Elevators, Drag Chain Conveyors, Belt Weighers, Weigh Feeders, LIW ( Loss In Weight ) feeders , Agitators, Vacuum Pumps, Horizontal Belt Filters, High Density Slurry Handling pumps, Chemical dozing and metering Pumps, Screw Conveyors, Slurry Pumps and Paddle Mixers etc. Construction and Management of Secured Land Fills.

  1. Cell House

Operation and Maintenance of Automatic Process Cranes, EOT Cranes, Automatic Cathode Sheet Stripping Machines, Anode Washing & Flattening Machines, Gypsum Sludge Handling, manual stripping of cathode, Anode replacement, Cathode sheet Bundling and Transfer Systems, electrolyte circulation Pumps, electrode alignment, launder cleaning, tanks cleaning, Manual & Vacuum cleaning of electrolytic and cooler cleaning.

  1. Melting Casting

    Charging of Cathode Sheets, Ingot handling, Dross Handling , Manual Stacking, Manual Strapping, Skimming of Zinc Ingots, Demoulding & Robot area operation, Zinc dust handling, operation of Ingot Casting and Jumbo Ingot Casting Machines, Furnace operations and Pulse Jet Bag House Management & Management of Dross Treatment and Handling Systems.


  1. Engineering and Common Services:

Engineering Services for Mechanical, Electrical , Instrumentation  and Automation  of entire plant including Refractory Maintenance , Engineering Work Shop Management , Equipment Condition Monitoring and civil works. Plant Roads Management with truck mounted vacuum systems and drainage management with truck mounted vacuum slurry handling systems of entire plant.

Operations and Maintenance

  1. O & M (Mech/Elect/Inst.) for Hydro I & II at HZL Chanderia (On-Going)
  2. O & M (Mech/Elect/Inst.) for Hydro III at HZL Dariba, (On-Going)
  3. Nitrogen and Oxygen plant at SESA Goa(Completed)
  4. Oxygen plant at HZL Dariba(Completed)
  5. Silver plant at HZL Pant Nagar(Completed)
  6. Material handling and maintenance of Ore Dressing Beneficiation Plant at Rampur Agucha Mines of HZL(Completed)
  7. Aluminium Smelter Units at Balco Korba, Chhattisgarh (Completed)

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