Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply

Under this SS and Comp Private Limited (Formerly known as S S & Company) supply the workforce as per requirement of the work. We have unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and highly skilled manpower. The manpower would be supervised by the client’s Supervisors/Engineers or any other arrangement.


  1. Furnace operation + cleaning
  2. Operation of Slab Casting line
  3. Attending on inductor failure.
  4. Screening of Rough Dross
  5. Sampling
  6. Lancer Hole Cleaning
  7. Cleaning of Waste Heat recovery boilers, cyclones, steam drains and all calcine handling conveyors.
  8. Acid Line cleaning
  9. Screening balls in Ball Mill
  10. Tower Sump Cleaning
  11. Convertor Screening
  12. Boiler Drum Cleaning
  13. Filter Press Operation
  14. Emptying+ Cleaning of thickeners
  15. Pipeline Cleaning
  16. HBF Cloth Replacement
  17. OCR
  18. Manual Stripping of Cathode
  19. Anode washing & Flattening
  20. Overhead crane operation
  21. Drossing& Rabbling of Furnace
  22. Skimming of Zinc Ingot
  23. Zinc Dust Handling
  24. Operation of Jumbo Casting Line
  25. Cleaning of Slab Casting Mould and sand blasting machine
  26. CGG Furnace Operation
  27. Circulation tank Cleaning
  28. Natural Spent tank Cleaning
  29. Main feed launder cleaning
  30. Return Launder Cleaning
  31. Cell House Bottom Cleaning
  32. Storage Area Bottom Floor Cleaning
  33. Online Vacuum Cell Cleaning


  1. Lime Loading – Unloading- Stacking
  2. Lime Preparation
  3. Filter Press Operation & Cleaning
  4. Drum Filter Operation & Cleaning
  5. Dry Pond Cleaning
  6. Removal of waste Material
  7. Handling of acidic sludge
  8. Handling of hazardous sludge
  9. Collection of spilled lime