Lift & Shift

Lift & Shift

Lift & Shift involves the movement of scrap, store material, Raw Material, Semi Finished, Finished or Waste Material. This is an integral part of the manufacturing process in which timely and safe  movement is of critical importance.Equipment used for this are Mobile Cranes, Tippers, Palfinger etc


-Chemical Shifting from stores to Plant

-Jarofix Loading & Shifting to SLF yard

-Cadmium & other cakes loading & shifting to SLF yard

-Bulk Lifting & Shifting of Cathode Sheets

-Bulk Lifting & shifting of Zinc Ingots

-Bulk Lifting & Shifting of Anode Plates & Scrap

-Cathode Bundle transfer system

-Sludge removal

-Slurry shifting

-Zinc Dust Shifting

-Stores Material Handling- Lifting & Shifting


-Lifting & Shifting of gypsum from belt Conveyor to Dump yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of Copper slag from Hopper to Dump yard.

-Lifting & Shifting Quartz for bins feeding to RMH yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of River Sand for feeding into bins RMH yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of Pet Coke for Bin feeding to RMH yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of Limestone for Bin feeding to RMH yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of Reverts for Bin feeding to RMH yard.

-Lifting & Shifting of Pig Iron for Bin feeding to RMH yard.

-Loading & Shifting of revert from convertor Aisle, Bin filing, quartz filling, pig iron lifting from stores etc.

-Lifting & Shifting of Gas cooler dust, ESP dust, Quartz fines etc.

-Blending & Heaping of copper concentrate inside ware house.

-Stores Material Handling- Lifting & Shifting from stores to plant.